I like to be away most of the time,
and there are a lot of places I tend to be.
Although, none of them permanently.

But what if it’s permanent this time?
Its not the past…its not the past. It is the future. But what is happening now? What is going on fails to concern me.
All the days are moving faster. Now it’s a part of my past.

I feel like a man dying of thirst watching others drown, like a captain of a sinking ship that’s burning.

Why does everything I have,
remind me of everything I don’t?

All this while I have had just one dream,
To fulfill my many dreams.
Why wouldn’t anyone tell me nightmares are dreams too?

If there aren’t any good people is it because I keep losing them?
We should not burn ourselves to keep others warm.

To us the world is different,
as we are to the world.


If you read this, tell me it will be okay. Tell me your story, tell me not to worry. Tell me its okay.

– Sincerely,