This arrangement of words makes me stumble across reminiscences that I tried to forget. The keepsakes from better times.

It is hard to imagine that one day you would end up like me. It is really nothing like the way(s) things could’ve been anticipated, but here we are.
So what if I am different? There is no comparison between the sun and the moon, they shine when its their time.

We are indeed blessed with a curse. Its not going away. At some point you accept that its not going to get back to normal. And its not that you weren’t trying hard enough, it just is.

And by this point I guess I am used to it. But I am getting tired of getting used to things.

Even so, on a whole, I have no complains. The sky is much more blue than it is grey.

There is something else, I do not like to tell things. Because if it happens once it is so understood, that its a given, whatever happens with me needs to be told. It is an assumed right that people really like to exercise. But if only I could say the things I never mention, which are the things they’ll never know, what would it really prove now?

And they’ll ask what happened to you.  Eventually they’ll be bothered by your differences and who you are. But no one ever apologises for turning you into who you are. Cause if you don’t respond like the way people see you respond in their head, things stop making sense to them.

I tried in the beginning. But the truth is, you can change all you want but when you’re done changing all the things you can change and you’re left with the things you cannot change, and they still want you to change…then you know in your heart that its not going to work.

Simply put, we are all experts who pretend.

I am happier on my own. If I am nowhere to be found, don’t be afraid, I’m smiling.
Really, do not be afraid.